Minister for MEIDECC Inaugurates Workshop on Spectrum Management and other crucial areas of ICT – Cyber Hygiene, Digital Literacy & Transformation, Supported by USAID


Nuku’alofa, Tonga – 18th June 2024


Minister for MEIDECC, Hon. Fekitamoeloa 'Utoikamanu

The Department of Communications under the Ministry of MEIDECC in the Kingdom of Tonga is pleased to announce the commencement of a significant workshop with a primary emphasis on spectrum management. The workshop, inaugurated by the Minister for MEIDECC, aims to address critical issues related to spectrum management to and enhance the overall ICT landscape in the country.

Supported by the United States Agency for International Development Digital Connectivity and Cybersecurity Partnership – Pacific (USAID DCCP), this workshop serves as a pivotal platform for assessing the status of spectrum management in Tonga. It will delve into evaluating existing resources, identifying challenges, and formulating effective solutions to bolster spectrum management practices in the nation.

In addition to spectrum management, the workshop will encompass discussions on various other crucial topics such as cyber hygiene, digital literacy skills, and digital transformation. These areas are vital for advancing technological capabilities and ensuring sustainable growth in the digital domain.

Commenting on the significance of this workshop, Mr. Sione Pulotu ‘Akauola, CEO of the Ministry of MEIDECC’s Department of Communications sated: “This workshop marks a crucial step towards enhancing our ICT infrastructure and capabilities. By focusing on spectrum management and other key areas like cyber hygiene and digital literacy, we are poised to address current challenges and propel Tonga towards a more digitally inclusive future.”

The Charge d’affaires, Mr Bradley Coley of the U.S Embassy in Tonga, and the USAID General Development Officer highlighted the importance of United States commitment in Tonga to improving digital access and connectivity, strengthening efficient delivery and use of digital services, ensuring cybersecurity across critical infrastructures and supporting digital skills in Tonga. USAID continues to support Tonga in other sectors such as climate change, disaster response and preparedness, environment, project governance, health and other cross-cutting initiatives.

Ms. Anju Mangal highlighted the importance of collaboration in enhancing ICT capacities globally, remarking, “USAID DCCP is proud to partner with Tonga in this endeavor. Effective spectrum management is vital for enabling meaningful connectivity and innovation. We are confident that through joint efforts and knowledge sharing including cybersecurity, digital connectivity, digital transformation, we can contribute to Tonga’s efforts in accelerating digital economy in Tonga.”

The Department of Communications, Ministry of MEIDECC expresses gratitude to USAID DCCP for their support in organizing this workshop and looks forward to fruitful deliberations that will pave the way for a more robust ecosystem in Tonga.


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