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"A more progressive Tonga supporting higher quality of life for all."

Objective, Outcomes & Strategies:

  • A more inclusive, sustainable, affordable and successful provision and maintenance of infrastructure and technology.
  • More inclusive, sustainable and consistent advancement of our external interests, security and sovereignty.

Output of the Department:

More innovative use of information and communications technology linking people across the Kingdom and with the rest of the world, for the delivery of key services by the government and business and drawing communities more closely together.

Objects of the Department by Communication Act 2015 are:

  • To establish a communications licensing and regulation framework in support of the national development policy objectives;

  • To establish the powers and functions of the Ministry of Communications;

National Communications Sector Policy Objectives are:

  • To ensure the existence of a sustainable, performing and financially viable communications sector;

  • To maximise the availability of communications infrastructure;

  • To provide communications infrastructure to support new industry investment; and

  • To maximise strategic and economic benefits from communications assets.

Functions and Roles of the Department:

  • To advise the Minister on all matters concerning the national communications sector policy objectives and policies;

  • To monitor, and report to the Minister on, all significant matters relating to the communications sector and the licensing of persons that provide communications services;

  • To give effect to policy directions of the Minister as required by this Act;

  • To be responsible for control, planning, administration, management and licensing of the radio frequency spectrum in the Kingdom;

  • To be responsible for control, planning, administration, management and assignment of numbering of communications services;

  • To manage Tonga’s input into the setting of international standards for telecommunications;

  • To make available to the public information about matters relating to the communications sector;

  • To impose, collect and administer fees and levies imposed by this Act;

  • To enforce the provisions of this Act other than as provided in section 96;

  • To perform functions and exercise powers conferred on the Regulator by the Communications Commission Act;

  • To perform such other functions or exercise such other powers conferred on the Regulator by this Act; and

  • To perform any other functions consistent with the objects of this Act as specified in a declaration made by the Minister.

Act and Legislation's Administered by the Department of Communication:


Organizational Structure:


Ongoing Projects: 

  • National Early Warning System (NEWS) Project
  • Pacific ITU VSAT Connectivity System Project




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